COLLABORATIONS & ambassdors. 

They say you can't tame a wolf. You also cannot tame creativity. Meet the artists, brands and creatives who are using their individual creativity to unleash the creativity of kids around the world by helping put them in school. 

Neff | Clothing Brand                      Camarillo, CA

Neff | Clothing Brand

                     Camarillo, CA

Civil Youth | Band                Philadelphia, PA

Civil Youth | Band

               Philadelphia, PA

WRDSMTH | Street Artist                        Los Angeles, CA

WRDSMTH | Street Artist

                       Los Angeles, CA

Sarah Müller | Photographer              Switzerland/Guatemala

Sarah Müller | Photographer


Amber Mozo | Photographer                       Oahu, HI

Amber Mozo | Photographer

                      Oahu, HI

Carissa Leigh | Singer                    Calgary, CAN

Carissa Leigh | Singer

                   Calgary, CAN

Ayça Telgeren | Artist                         Turkey

Ayça Telgeren | Artist


Jamie Swim | Artist                    Oahu, HI

Jamie Swim | Artist

                   Oahu, HI