Inspired by Soweto.

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Our latest project found us in the historical township of Soweto. It is nothing but an honor to be

able to work in these significant places around the world.


An abbreviation for South Western Townships, Soweto was formed as a result of the eviction of

black South Africans by city and state authorities. The birthplace of an uprising that would help

bring about the end of apartheid, Soweto is also home to many significant people in South African

and world history. Nelson Mandela called Soweto home for many years, as did fellow Nobel Peace

Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu.



The children and teachers we were lucky to work with in Soweto were easily amongst the most

polite, kind, and impressive we have worked with anywhere in the world. Soweto is not without its

challenges today, but with the hometown role models these children have to look up to, can we

expect anything but greatness from them?

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