5 things NOT to take when traveling

When you travel, you carry your whole word with you. Problems arise, however, when you think you need to literally carry the whole world! It doesn’t take long to realize you don’t need as much as you think, and you will be super grateful to have a light backpack when you are wearing it all day or lugging it from place to place. 


We made a list of five things you can leave behind. Trust us, you will be OK…


 Books can be an essential part of travelling, so this one won’t please travelling purists, but hear me out! Instead, take a Kindle or an iPad. A tablet will save loads of space, give you access to tons and tons of books and PDF versions of travel guides (if that’s your thing), and allow you to read in the dark.  Plus, having a device on hand when you find free Wi-Fi can be a lifesaver!

Towels take up so much space, and once they are wet you don’t want to put them back in your bag. Most places you stay will have towels— if not, improvise! Use a t-shirt, bed linen, or dance until you drip-dry! 

                                               Photo:Snejana Atanasov

                                               Photo:Snejana Atanasov


 Shampoos and body lotions are heavy and bulky, and if they are the wrong size, airline security just might force you to throw them out anyway. Instead, pick them up on the go! Most places you stay will have some you can take with you, or you can buy them from a local super market for cheap. If the stars align, and you find yourself in need of some perfume or cologne or a little extra makeup for a special night, many cosmetics stores have samples you can try for free.

 Don’t take a large suitcase! Choose the smallest bag possible; you will be glad you did, and it will force you to pack less clothes and shoes. You never need anywhere near as much clothing as you think you do.  Remember; nobody you meet along the way is going to see you again. Choose items that can be mixed and matched. Ditch all the maybes. Find cheap places to wash what you have, if needed. A couple of akin shirts and a hat will do the job nicely ; ) .


In the immortal words of the one and only Queen Elsa, “Let it go!” The road is your chance to grow, to become something new. You unlearn as much as you learn about yourself as you travel. Don’t get held back by the past, either by refusing to let go of the bad or by comparing everything to the good. This is your time to write a brand new chapter of you. 

What are we missing from the list? Add your suggestions of things you don't pack in the comments below.

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