16 places to visit in 2016

1. Maun, Botswana 

Photo by: @_ahsim_

In 2016, Botswana celebrates its 50th year of independence. It is home to some of greatest wildlife in the world and some of the best safaris. 

Surrounded by Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia, there is a lot of room for exploring.


2. America’s National Parks, Glacier, Montana

Photo by: @alexstrohl

2016 marks the 100th anniversary of America’s National Parks, a system that safeguards hundreds of landmarks and 59 national parks. How many of these have you visited? If the answer is “none,” shame on you! Just kidding, you have probably visited more than we have—so shame on us! 


This is the perfect year to visit more. We recommend Glacier National Park in Montana as a perfect place to start. 


Photo by: @davispiter84

3. Wrocław, Poland 


The largest city in western Poland has been named European Capital of Culture for 2016.  Hosting an historic city center, islands, and beautiful bridges, Wrocław is becoming a European tourist hotspot.


Photo by: @itchy.feat

4.  Havana, Cuba

This. Is. The. Year. To. Visit. Cuba.

Even though it’s number four on our list, maybe it should be number one on your travel bucket list for the year.

This is your chance to go and see Cuba while you can still enjoy the authenticity and culture of what (basically) amounts to a Pennsylvania-sized time capsule.


5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Photo by @costa.rj


Rio de Janeiro will play host to the 2016 Summer Olympics Games—and all the excitement and development that comes along with that.

Even if you can’t make the actual games, Azul Airlines has loads of cheap flights headed for Cidade Maravilhosa.



6. Nuuk, Greenland

Photo by @ireimer73 

The capital and most populous town of Greenland, Nuuk, is host to the 2016 Arctic Winter Games. With Arctic sports including competitions in head pull and knuckle hop, as well as more traditional winter sports like snowboarding and ice hockey, what’s not to love? 

Throw in the beautifully colored buildings of Nuuk (pressed against a breathtaking mountainous backdrop), add a dash of icebergs and fjords, and sprinkle in some whale sightings, and you have the makings of a truly fascinating visit.

Photo by: @breezyedesigns

7. Dublin, Ireland

This year is the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising, a major catalyst leading to Ireland becoming an independent republic.

There are going to be a lot of celebrations. And, well, it’s Ireland—prepare yourself for some serious fun.


Photo by: @fixedits

8. Rotterdam, Netherlands

In 2016 the Eurostar between London and Amsterdam will start stopping in Rotterdam, making a visit all the easier. 

Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe, and is known sometimes as the “gateway to Europe.” The city center was nearly leveled during World War II, but it was rebuilt and is now home to some of the most intriguing architecture in the world.



9. Reykjavík, Iceland 

As soon as you leave the airport in Reykjavík you are instantly transported to a new and incredible world. And it only gets better and better. Just a couple of hours’ drive outside the city you are met with waterfalls, lava fields, glaciers, and all the best Mother Nature and her Viking husband could produce!  

In 2016, a machine-made ice cave in the Langjökull glacier opens to the public; it’s called Into the Glacier, and we can’t wait to experience it ourselves.


Photo by: @kuuleiakina

10. Honolulu, Hawaii

Of course, Hawaii had to make the list for us. This beautiful piece of the world is where akin was founded. 

It’s a big year for the Aloha State, as it gets ready for the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor and the 100th birthday of both Haleakalā National Park and Volcanoes National Park! 


Photo by: @garadziesma

11. Siberia, Russia 

If you want an adventure in the great, great outdoors, then consider exploring Siberia this year. 2016 marks the centennial for the Trans-Siberian Express rRailway’s centennial., 

How better to spend your vacation than by exploring thecomplex and surprisingly diverse landscapes you’ll see along one of the longest railroads in the world?. 

This is untouched nature at its finest. 



12.  Stratford-upon-Avon, England

2016 is the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, and there will be plenty of commemoration in his home county of Warwickshire.

With its medieval Saxon cultural roots, it makes for a nice day trip out of London. 

There will be plenty of programs and events to mark the occasion, and you can pretend you understand the Shakespearean lingo! Come on, it’s culture! 


Photo by: @mariambadidu

13. Siem Reap, Cambodia 


The first akin school uniform project of 2016 will be in Cambodia. We can’t wait to be working with communities in Asia for the first time.

Close to the Angkor Temples, Siem Reap is an ideal location to explore over a thousand years of Khmer culture. 




14. St Helena, British Territory 

St Helena, is one of the most remote islands in the world and one of the last truly off-the-grid travel spots in the world. Napoléon Bonaparte was exiled to and died on this small island, and his gravesite is one of many intriguing things to see there. 

In 2016, the island is set to become a lot more accessible, as its first airport is being built (whereas now the only way to get there is by ship).

Photo by: @greenws

15. Kajiado, Kenya 

Kenya is everything you imagine to be magical about Africa. Kajiado County contains incredible wildlife and national parks with stunning views of Mount Kilimanjaro. 

In 2016 it will play host to the Maasai Olympic Games, created for the Maasai people as an alternative to the centuries old practice of hunting lions as a passage to manhood.  


Photo by: @stingya

16. Yangshuo, China 

Chinese President Xi Jinping declared 2016 “Chinese – U.S. Tourism Year”. There has never been a better time to visit the ‘Middle Kingdom’.

We suggest that you include Yangshuo in your visit. Surrounded by karst peaks and intertwining rivers, it is easily one of the most beautiful places in the world, and it will change your life.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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