Top inspiring travel novels

There are many ways to escape. Some people sleep; some people turn on music; others play a sport. I—if I’m not physically on a plane heading to my next destination—read.
— Emma Cunningham

I’m a firm believer in the power of novels, especially novels about travel. As a child, I would spend endless hours at my neighborhood library completely lost in the Magic Tree House series, dreaming about a life of endless adventures. 

I love authors who can exaggerate not only the destination of the story, but also the journey to that destination. They are able to make me feel like I’ve gone on an adventure, and for a little while before bed, or while taking a work break, or on a long bus ride, my mind is in some far-off location.

If you love to travel, I promise these novels will blow you away. And don’t forget to share your book recommendations with us in the comments below!


5. The Kindness Diaries 

The story about a man who leaves his unfulfilling desk job in search for a meaningful life. His goal on his trip around the world is to survive only on the kindness of strangers, asking them for shelter, food, money, etc. The Kindness Diaries will completely restore your faith in humanity, teach you not to ignore that begging homeless person on the street, and inspire you to pack your bags and GO.


4. Into The Wild

An absolute classic. Oh, how I’d marry Alexander Supertramp if I could! There’s something so alluring about his ability to flip the bird to society and head off to wild Alaska. This is the story of an educated young man from a wealthy family who leaves behind his family, possessions, and money to live alone in the wilderness. This book taught me that nothing is more dangerous to the adventurous spirit within a person than a secure future. If adventure is what you crave, you’re not going to get it at your nine-to-five desk job!


3. Wild

The empowering story of a woman that loses herself after the death of her mother and finds herself again by hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, alone. She battles wild animals, lack of food and water, exhaustion, extreme climates, and her painful memories. But in the end she realizes there is no weight in the world that can keep you down besides the weight of your own surrender. I’ve read this book countless times and still get a rush out of her battle. It truly is an incredible story. 


2. Little Princes

I’m actually currently reading this novel and cannot put it down (well, except to write this post). Conor Grennan volunteers at an orphanage in Nepal only to learn that the children are not orphans but were taken from their families and are victims of child trafficking. When the children from the orphanage go missing, Conor sets out on a quest through the Himalayas to find them. This novel is truly heartbreaking and will make you want to run to Asia to hug and adopt every child you see. 


1. A House In The Sky

If you take away anything from this blog, it should be to get your hands on this book! I’ve read it three times, and it’s the reason I am all for solo female travel. The memoir of a young, Canadian woman who explores the world’s most beautiful and remote locations by herself or with whomever wants to come along for the ride. Along the way she becomes a journalist, and her work leads her to Somalia during 2008 when it was known to be the world’s most dangerous country. On her fourth day in country, she gets abducted and is held for ransom for 15 months. She uses knowledge gained from her travel experiences to escape the terrorists who want to take her life

This blog was a guest post by Emma Cunningham - You can follow more of her travels here


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