Meet the former child labourer building schools to end child labour.

Our brand spanking new tee will be used to fund the uniforms for the kids in Ivory Coast!

The village in the Ivory Coast holds an extra special place in our hearts because of a certain fella called Sery Kone - possibly the most inspiring dude in the world. 


Sery is a very close friend of mine who I met in school in Hawaii. We met right as Akin was getting going and he wanted to start a project to help his people in West Africa. What he has since achieved is simply incredible. Especially if you know his backstory.

As a young boy Sery got forced into child labor. The circumstances were pretty horrendous. He once took a serious beating for trying to help a younger child who didn’t finish his chores in time. He still has the scars from that today. 

One day he made the brave and super risky decision to run away. He had no money and somehow managed to convince a taxi driver to give him a free ride into the city.

He told me that one act of kindness was the start of things changing for him.

He lived rough on the streets for a while until by chance he met a family member and managed to change his life around completely and could eventually attend university in Hawaii. 

Sery is awesome! Intelligent and crazy hardworking. He had tons and tons of job offers in the States and it would have been so easy, and more than understandable, if he chose to stay and build his life there.


Since the day we met, the dream was always that we could provide the school uniforms for the kids in the schools he builds and now we have made that dream a reality.  







Instead, he has returned to the Ivory Coast to help his people and has set up an organization that builds schools to take children out of forced labor and into education.












The Steel tee will be available As an early-bird release with 30% off for 7 days only. After that it will be avilable as usual on our web store. The profits from this tee will be used to fund uniforms in Ivory Coast.

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