Kid Acne X Akin


Paying Creativity Forward

We just printed the final run of our special edition collaboration with Kid Acne. It sold out fast the first time and has sold out on every reprint we have done since.

Africa-09467 copy.jpg

As always, the profits from the Kid Acne x Akin tee are being used to provide children with the school uniforms they need to be able to attend school. The profits from this tee are being used for the community in Ivory Coast that we work with in West Africa.

We are all about using creativity and imagination to kids the chance to use theirs. It’s been amazing that Kid Acne has shared his for the cause.

Kid Acne is a UK based artist, making his name through graffiti and hip hop. His distinctive style includes typography and mythology and his work can be found throughout the globe.

So far, it has been our best selling t-shirt and the final run is now available.

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