Last winter we made Bali our base.


We are working with an orphanage in Denpasar to make sure all the kids there have the school uniforms they need. The guys running the orphanage are absolutely top drawer and the kids staying there, who come from all over Indonesia, are truly cared for.

We set up shop for a while in Canggu, a surf town surrounded by beautiful rice fields. It proved to be the perfect place to plan out projects, work on designs, and prepare a lot of things for the brand.  

Bali is well famed for being a hot spot for travel, and maybe at times that proves to be almost too true as it can feel a little overrun. That said, Canggu is a golden nugget.


the surf is greaT.

There is something for all levels and the food options following a set are unreal. Canggu has become a bit of a foodie destination and with good reason. We were shocked to find so many restaurants of such high quality and variety with a ton of healthy options to boot. A super popular spot we would hit up at night is Pretty Poison, a backyard inspired arts bar with a California style skate pool, with local and international skaters providing the entertainment. It has a really chill atmosphere and is a pretty rad place to hang.

Street Art might not be the first thought that comes to mind when you think of these tropical islands, but on the western coast of Bali a seriously impressive Street Art scene is thriving. Maybe that’s not such a surprise when you consider how Bali has always had a deep heritage of creativity and places a lot of value into art.

Surf, skate, street art and surprisingly good food. If it sounds like a little piece of heaven that’s because it is.

Sara GalvezComment